Why is adherence to TKI therapies so important?

Patient FAQs published on October 9, 2015
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Why is adherence to TKI therapies so important?
The medications we use to treat chronic myeloid leukemia are extremely effective and most patients will do extremely well, but you cannot get better if you do not take your medications. In a study that we did at our institution, I found that 25% of the patients admitted they had not taken all their medications during the prior month. So try to remember to take your medications, put your pill box right next to your toothbrush or next to something you do every day to remind you, and if you are not taking your medications because you are having a side effect or because the cost is too high, tell your doctor. There are things that we can do to help. We want you to take your medications so that you can get better, and if you take your medications, you probably will get better.

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