About Us

Managing CML is an educational online community for health care professionals who provide care to patients with chronic myelogenous leukemia, or CML. Our mission is to provide ongoing evidence-based scientific data and the most up-to-date information, tools, and resources for treating this hematologic malignancy in your clinical practice.

At ManagingCML.com, you will be able to access a growing library of education and tools focused on optimal diagnosis and treatment of patients with CML, all authored by nationally recognized clinical experts. These resources will include:

  • Accredited discussions between clinical experts, focusing on the most current developments and new data in the treatment of CML
  • Meeting highlights presenting the newest data and research, available within days of being presented at national association meetings
  • Case presentations focused on challenging clinical questions in patients with CML
  • Clinical expert commentaries presented by a rotating group of leading clinical expert thought leaders sharing their knowledge, and sometimes controversial opinions, on an array of interesting topics
  • The most frequently asked questions about CML answered by clinical experts in the field and captured in brief video segments
  • Applied tools to support your evolving clinical practice